Brain Vomit: Picking Up Momentum

It’s the end of my first week, and I’m feeling good. Uncharacteristically confident. I think I can put out more stuff and more frequently, so I’m going to go ahead and do this and that and…

Muttering to myself aside, I’m actually having more fun writing than I originally thought I would. I’m not sure I would define anything I’ve put out so far as “excellent” or worthy of an audience, but it’s just the beginning, so regardless of the quality, I can only improve, right? Right!

Starting this week, I’m going to try to put out more content. Maybe one new article a day, and more game guides (those are time consuming, so maybe only 2 in the beginning?). I’m also going to try to keep the promise I made to myself and include guides and reviews on more than just Steam games. Who knows, if I suddenly come into a large sum of money, I might be able to buy a game system besides the 3DS I already own (I’d love to have a PS4 before Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out next year; fingers crossed!). I’m not confident enough to try to monetize what I’m writing, but maybe by the time KH3 comes out, I might have something worth sharing with the people I know (that’s right; this is a secret blog! Written by the some weirdo!)

Well, thanks for reading. See you at the next update.


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