Mini-Walkthrough: Montaro (Including Achievement Hunter Guide)

Developer: JCKSLAP (links to the Twitter account for Montaro, the developer’s only project to date)

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Genre: Casual, Indie, Runner

Theme genre: Memes

UNMARKED SPOILERS, random commentary, observations, and ACHIEVEMENT HUNTER guide below:

From the get-go, you should already receive your first achievement for booting up the game: [D-O-G-E] (if you don’t receive it here, you’ll receive it once you’ve acquired your first coin). Choose a language, but don’t click on the next screen just yet: instead, without clicking, run your mouse along the lines of doges running back and forth across the screen (if you see [Start Game], [Costume], [Option] and [Exit Game] menu options, you need to exit and restart the game again). This will earn you your second achievement: [Doge Carnival].


Once you’re done there, you can start the game. Take a moment and click on [Costume] to get a peek at the over-all goal of the game and the keys to unlocking the majority of the game’s achievements: you’ll receive an achievement for every costume unlocked, so your actions should be geared towards gathering as many coins in as little time as possible. Once you have more than one costume, though, come back to this screen for your third achievement: [Drop]. To acquire it, click on one doge repeatedly to make it rise up and out of the screen. Click about 40 times in rapid succession then stop and let the doge drop, knocking the other costumes off the screen.


The game is trickier than its cuteness lets on. Although the only option you have is to left-click, it’s really a matter of deciding quickly when to and when not to. Trial and error will help you learn which obstacles will instantly kill you and which only have positive interactions, so you’ll need to develop a strategy as you go along. Avoid knocking over chickens and small crows (both will come back with a vengeance… literally). Cats on walls act as small springboards, and do not cause you any harm if you walk over them (still, try to avoid it). Running head-first into discarded appliances and man-holes on the street will lead to an insta-kill, and signboards and blue trash bins can be used to get on top of walls, where all of the coins are located.


[School-girls] are 100% positive interactions. Jumping near one will offer a pantsu, refilling life. You can’t do anything else to them, and they can’t touch you, either, so if you’re full on pantsu, you won’t have any real reason to spend too much time on the ground with them.. except to earn the achievement [Never enough] for collecting a cumulative 802 pantsu.


[Bananas] take away control of your doge temporarily as it flips after tripping over one of these yellow hazards. When falling from a high ledge, bananas allow you to springboard back up to the next ledge (if it’s close enough). Simply falling and springboarding from a banana into a [Large Crow] from below will kill it, which is necessary for the achievement [CALL OF DOGE-many spin, such no scope, WOW]; you need to kill 30 large crows in this manner to get the achievement. You will NOT kill a large crow if you jump on it from above; doing so is an insta-kill for your doge, so beware. The next easy achievement to earn is [It’s a trap!], which occurs when you run into banana peels repeatedly until you have 0 pantsu left. This should result in your doge having a circle of bananas (indicating dizziness) floating around its head. Once you die the first time, click on the dogecoin icon on the results screen to earn [Doge rains from above]. Speaking of coins, the final non-costume related achievement is [Dogecoins]: simply collect a cumulative 1208 dogecoins (which will happen naturally as you try to unlock costumes).


Now for the costume-related achievements: buying the sunglasses-doge costume earns you [Doge with it], while the wolf-doge costume earns you [Not again moon moon]. [It’s Peanut butter and Doge time] pops up when you buy the banana-doge costume, and [One Pantsu Doge] is yours when you unlock the superhero-doge (a clear reference to One Punch Man’s Saitama). Finally, the box-doge, cat-piggybacking-on-doge, and white doge costumes earn you [The Orange Box], [Cate] and [Dad], respectively.



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