Quickie Review: Doguelike

Developers: Mon amiral and LucieRoyGraph

Gaming client: Itch.io

Created as a submission for the Procedural Generation Jam 2016 (PROCJAM), Doguelike is an adorable, free-to-play roguelike idle game starring an armored shiba inu on a quest for bones in a super spooky dungeon. The unnamed protagonist pup moves and attacks on his own (where the idle gaming comes in), but you can control which stats to improve when he acquires skill points (which are earned when he levels up).


Leveling up is straight forward: when the dog kills something, he acquires one bone; after 5 bones, he levels up. Short, sweet and simple. Over time, the enemies that spawn have higher agility, strength and hp stats, so I personally feel it offers a reasonable difficultly level.

Every now and then, the dog will come across a chest or a sack with equippable amulets or bracelets (which will increase or decrease his stats depending on its level), and potions whose affects are randomized each time you do a run (and have an equal chance of helping or hurting you).


Although there is very little to do, it isn’t the type of idle game you can just leave running while you play something else; neglecting your dog for too long means not healing it when it needs it, not emptying your inventory of useless equipment, missing better quality loot, and not being present to distribute skill points to the hero’s five attributes: strength, constitution (hp), agility (dodging attacks and traps), perception (for vision range and trap detection), and luck (critical hit chance and chance of finding potions), although there is an option to level these up automatically. It’s a fun game if you feel like sitting there and paying attention to it, but if you want an idle game you don’t need to babysit, this isn’t it. Another issue I have with the game were 2 annoying bugs: (1) upon starting a new run after dying, nothing happened on the screen for about a minute before the dog reappeared and was promptly killed by something way too strong for it to take on, and (2) the game froze during an exceptionally good run after I’d reached level 28.



  • Cute artwork
  • Satisfying progression
  • Easy to learn


  • Buggy, and in one of the worst ways
  • For an idle game, it has to be babysat, which defeats the purpose
  • For a roguelike, you have no real control of your character’s exploration, which defeats the purpose
  • Limited music tracks

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