Weekly Walkthrough: The Blackwell Deception (Including Achievement Hunter Guide)

Developed by Wadjet Eye Games and Dave Gilbert

UNMARKED SPOILERS, random commentary, observations, and ACHIEVEMENT HUNTER GUIDE BELOW:

Just like with the previous games ([The Blackwell Legacy], [Blackwell Unbound] and [The Blackwell Convergence]), one of the achievements in the game can be earned by listening to the creator’s commentary from the Start menu until the end credits: [Listen Closely Now]. For the sake of a fresh experience with the game and to avoid spoilers while playing it, it’s recommended that you not turn them on from the Options menu. If you don’t care about spoilers, turn it on before starting a new game. With the commentary on, you can earn 100% of the game’s achievements in one playthrough.

Let’s begin…


Picking up from the last game, you’re taking jobs putting souls to rest. This evening’s client is admittedly using you as a last resort, though, since spirit mediums are probably fake, and they’re desperate. Whatever! A job is a job. Exit the note, and you’ll find our story’s heroes on a yacht. Switch to [Joey] and inspect [Rosa], and you’ll find that the pair are getting along okay. Inspect the [Carving] on the side of the boat and it’ll read “Ryan +June”. Huh. Wonder who they are. Head to the second floor and enter the [Door] here. The boat starts to move, so that confirms we’re dealing with a ghost. Head back into the upstairs [Door] and inspect the [Diagram] on the wall nearest to Joey. Circles and letters that don’t mean much to Joey, but are very important to you, so I’ll remind you later. Exit the diagram and use Joey’s [Wind] on the [Key] hanging near the door. This spooks the spook, who proceeds to friggin’ shoot you! OW! (This shouldn’t be a surprise if you played [Blackwell Unbound]; a spirt in the game had the ability to pummel Joey with a saxophone, so ghosts CAN interact with and harm each other.) Before you get shot again, send Joey back in WITHOUT moving forward towards our angry gun-toting ghost. If, by some odd chance, you get shot more than once, you forfeit the ability to earn the achievement [Bullet Dodger], so be cautious with how you move. Use Joey’s [Wind] on the key one more time, then leave. Switch to Rosa and head into the 1st floor [Door].


Interact with the [??] on the wall next to the entrance (obviously, it’s a light switch). Head farther into the room and inspect the [Knotty pine]. Remember the diagram? Press [JUNE] to solve the puzzle and- HOLY CANNOLI! That’s a LOT of money. Joey says we can’t have it, though. Spoilsport. Inspect the [hidden cache] of hidden cash, then head over to the bed. Go into your [Inventory] and use the [Dime] on the [Vent] on the ceiling, then interact with the [Vent]. Grab the [Key] and earn the achievement [Teamwork]. Exit the room and head for the second floor. Use the [Key] on the [Door] and enter as Rosa. He’s still pretty high-strung, but luckily, you’re ghost bullet-proof. Tell him you’re [a friend], but he’ll be convinced you’re a stowaway. Whatever floats your boat, man. Once you’re in control, go into your [phone] and [notes], and combine [GCT] with [bank]. Open your [web search] and look up [Grant City Trust]. Our [ghost] is a Mr. [Ryan Jacobs], and the money belonged to the bank he worked for. He’s hell-bent on getting the money out of New York, so we need to make him realize it’s a wasted effort. Switch to Joey and float him over to the [map gizmo]. Have him stand there until the map turns mostly blue with some green in the lower left side, then move him away. Switch to Rosa and ask [Ryan] a few things: [Ryan], [June], [Money] and [Grant City Trust], before ending the conversation on [Boston?]. [How far are we from Boston?] (If you messed up with Joey, just try again with another map image). Excited that he’s almost in the clear, Ryan leaves the cabin. Follow him out, talk to him, and help him come to terms with the truth. Follow him back inside. Switch to Joey and use his [tie] on Ryan. Regardless of what you say here, you’ll get the same cryptic response. Once you’re back in the real world, Rosa finds the situation has taken a bad turn. Abandon ship! Exit and head for the [gap] on the 1st floor. Interact with it and you’ll save yourself while earning the achievement [Geronimo]. Broke, wet and in Jersey: the glamorous life of a spirit medium.


Definitely not getting paid. But, that’s fine. A well-timed phone call from a friend offering you work almost makes up for the bad night. Before you head out, inspect both of the [photo]s above the TV, [Griff] the P.I. bear, the [photo] next to the wall clock, the [article] to the right of the calendar, the [poster] to the right of the [door] and the [article] beneath it. Finally, check the [buzzer] to the left of the [door] and you should receive the achievement [Ghosts of the Past] for finding all of the references to previous games in Rosa’s apartment. Check your email on your phone, if you want. The yacht’s anonymous owner isn’t all that pleased with us for letting Ryan trash his boat. Oh, well. Exit the apartment and go visit [Jeremy]. When you get there, he’s in his bedroom, so just let yourself in. Oh, hey, Jeremy… Looking kinda dead there, buddy… Since telling him he’s dead NEVER works in this series, [pretend nothing is wrong]. Answer however you like when he asks about Joey, he’ll still misinterpret the relationship. [Get right to business], then go into your notes and ask him about [Jeremy Sams]. Then, say [Goodbye] (there’s no point in asking him anything else right now). Before you leave his flat, though, inspect the [pile of photographs] to his left. These will be important later. Leave and head for the [City Post].


Nice place. Before you step up to the reception desk, let’s get started on the [Blowey Mallone] achievement: switch to Joey and have him blow his [Wind] on the receptionist. Switch back to Rosa and [Ask about Jeremy] before you [Ask about Jeremy’s death]. I agree, lady: if this were meant to be a joke, it wasn’t very funny. She’ll clam up after that, so it’s time to let Joey handle things. Switch back to him and have him enter the [door] on the 2nd floor closest to the right. Once inside, inspect the [Post-It note] affixed to the only computer currently on, then switch to Rosa and leave. Our next destination is the [High Line].


Well, that answers the question, “Where was Jeremy killed?” Speak to the [Detective] and ask [Who was the victim?] since everything else will elicit a sarcastic response. Mention [Jeremy] and claim you can [ID the body]. We’re going to need proof we can, though, so we’re going to have to head back to [Jeremy]. Before you leave, though, let Joey blow on the Detective (more for [Blowey Mallone]). Go back to Jeremy’s place and, as Rosa, interact with the [pile of photographs]. Jeremy’s either touched or slightly weirded out that you want it. Before you leave, try blowing on [Rosa] ([Blowey Mallone]) before heading back to the [High Line] again. Show the detective the [photo of Jeremy], confirming that he’s the High Line’s John Doe. We figured as much. The detective calls you a nut and leaves without even a “thank you”, but he does slip you his phone number in case you have more info for him. Let’s go back to the [City Post].

Sorry, Ms. Receptionist. She’s much more cooperative now, at least. As Rosa, interact with the [elevator], then head into the 2nd floor [door] on the right. Take the [notebook] on Jeremy’s desk and see what he was up to before he died. Inspect each element of his notes before exiting it. Before you leave the room, move to the left and grab the [press pass] on the table to the left. Let’s go see [Jeremy].

Show [Jeremy] his [Notebook]. Even though he can’t hold a physical object, he won’t admit it. Ask him about [Penelope Haines] and you’ll get her address. By the way, Jeremy, whatever happened to your [phone]? You clearly lost it, so how did you call us? You found it, you say? Somehow, I don’t believe that. Go into your notes and discuss [High Line]… and Jeremy dodges the subject completely. Gee, I wonder why? Leave and head for the [Haines] residence.


Here we meet Penelope’s daughter-in-law, Madison Haines. Ask about [The Baby] to learn his name is Chris (not that it matters). Ask everything and get nothing, so leave and [Send Joey in]. Blow on the [Baby] and [Madison] ([Blowey Mallone]), then interact with the [Baby]. Apparently, kids that young can see ghosts and aren’t afraid of them. Interact with the [door] on the left to earn the [Face Plant] achievement (oh, relax, he’s FINE; kids are made of rubber). Head into the white [door] on the right and inspect the [brochure] on the dresser. Exit the apartment and head on over to [Seagram] (if you played Unbound, you’ll realize that this Seagram bears the same name as Seagram Realty, which owned a building being erected on a construction site in the previous game. Apparently, they built a retirement home here sometime in the last three decades). Once there, blow on the [Nurse] at the front desk ([Blowey Mallone]), then switch to Rosa. Have her pick up a [brochure] from the display on the back wall, then go speak with the [Nurse]. Ask her about Penelope, then ask her whatever you like before entering the elevator and heading up to the common room. Switch to Joey and attempt to blow on both of the old folks in the room ([Blowey Mallone]), then have him inspect the [old man] on the right side of the room. With Rosa, take the [yarn] on the table near the [old woman], then ask her about [Jeremy]. You [sent him where?] Um… Inform her of [Jeremy’s death] and she’ll spout some stupid nonsense about him “rejoining the universe”. Not yet, anyway. [What did Jeremy want?]. Apparently to discuss whatever it was she thought she did for a living. So, what exactly was [her work?] Whatever gibberish gran-gran decides to spout, just excuse yourself and go into your inventory. Combine the [yarn] with the [brochure] to make… [brochure/yarn]. All righty then. Head into the elevator and Joey will realize he knows the old man. After an eye-opening scene, Joey’s left more irritated and evasive than usual. Drop the subject for now and go see the [Haines] family again.


After you’re invited in again, ask Madison [What did Gavin do?]. Talk about [the nursing home] and why they dumped granny there, then find out about a key to the Haines’s apartment. Let’s head back to Penelope and tell her about it. Back to [Seagram] we go. When you reach the common room, tell Penelope about [Madison’s key], and she’ll deny receiving it. Ask about [Madison], then [Gavin]. How would one go about [meeting Gavin]? By proving one’s sincerity. But, how would I [prove my sincerity?], Penelope? By doing a fetch quest, of course! We have to bring Penelope her pendant, so head back down to the lobby and have Joey inspect the [chart] on the counter in front of the [Nurse]. Switch to Rosa and [take the elevator to the 12th floor].  Nice digs for a place your family sends you when they get sick of you. Use the [brochure/yarn] on the door, switch to Joey, and have him blow on it once to scoot it closer to the chair. Have him enter the room and blow on the [key], making it fall on [brochure/yarn]. All you need to do now is switch back to Rosa and have her interact with the [brochure/yarn] to pull it back. Congratulations! You stole from an old woman and earned the achievement [Key Snatcher]. In this line of business, sometimes you gotta rob some old ladies. Head back to Penelope and show her the key. I don’t know whether this is willful ignorance, spite or senility. Whatever it is, talk to her some [more about Madison]. What’s this about a [peridot]? [Getting the peridot] seems like the only way you’ll get anywhere with her, so leave and visit Madison at the [Haines] residence and ask her about it.

Asking Madison about her mother-in-law’s [peridot] reveals it was a gift from Gavin, and that she’s been meaning to throw it away for a while. If you’re gonna toss it, why not give it to us? [I’d like the peridot], Madison, if you don’t mind. Doesn’t seem like she’s going to budge on the subject so leave (don’t send Joey in), and come back immediately. Seems the family left for dinner, so [use the key] and head into Penelope’s room. Snatch the [pendant] from the bedpost nearest to the window and attempt to leave. Well, crud. They’re home early. Go, Joey! Use DISTRACTION. Switch to Joey and head into the living room. Blow on the [thermostat], which is located on the wall, next to the door to Penelope’s room. This causes the temperature to drop, making the heater kick in. Rather than simply turning it off, though, Madison will open the door to the left. Next, have Joey interact with the [Baby], and lead little Chris down the now-open hallway to the left, with Madison following shortly after. Once she’s gone, switch back to Rosa quickly and get out of the apartment. Escaping without getting caught will earn you the [Out of Sight] achievement. Now, let’s go see Penelope.

Once you’re back in the common room, hand the [peridot] over to [Penelope]. So, who’s [Gavin?] Whoever he is, he’d better be worth all of this nonsense we’re going through. Either way, we finally made progress. Let’s go pay Jeremy a visit.


Consult your notes and ask about [Gavin]. You can tell we’re getting closer to Jeremy’s truth. Leave for now; it’s time to go see [Lisa]. Before you enter her totally not cheesy and fake establishment, go into your phone and call [Jeremy]. That’s funny: the trash can is ringing. Interact with it to receive [Jeremy’s phone] and the achievement [Dumpster Diver]. I’m sure he’ll appreciate having it back later. For now, interact with the [buzzer]. Inside the parlor, [introduce yourself] and ask her [what do you do here?] Con people, probably. She mentions healthy spirits, so ask her [how does it work?]. She’ll wax poetically about your weakened spirit. [Weak spirit?] [How did that happen?]. At this point, you can answer anything, but when Joey’s right, he’s right: this is complete bull. Ask her how she can help you [get better?], and here comes the sales pitch: [meditation]. Consult your notes and ask about [Gavin] and [Jeremy Sams]. Putting her BS responses aside, tell her [Jeremy is dead]. You also found [Jeremy’s phone] in the trash, but she’s still in denial. [She’s a liar], of course. She’ll counter by asking how you would even know, but the most believable response is that [Jeremy told you]. Regardless of how you answer, though, it’s time to leave. Oh, and paying a visit to Lisa will earn you the achievement [Check Out the Competition], just so you know. It’s high time that we send [Jeremy] on his way.


I know you had your heart set on finding the truth behind this, Jeremy, but it’s time to go. Show him his [phone], and he won’t take the truth very well. Check all of the room elements now, if you want, because after you leave, you won’t have access to this location anymore. Ready to send him off? Good. Head for the [High Line]. Once there, the sad truth comes spilling out. Sadder still is that he thought of you as he was dying, which is why he reached out. You’re left to wonder what could’ve been as you switch to Joey and use his [tie] on [Jeremy]. Goodbye, Jeremy. We’ll uncover the truth. Promise.

The next day, give [Sam Durkin] a call. Tell him [I found Jeremy’s phone] and he’ll tell you you’re an idiot for contaminating evidence. Oops. Tell him about [Lisa], then hang up and pay her a visit. Before you hit the [buzzer], send Joey in and blow on [Lisa] ([Blowey Mallone]), then inspect the [photo] in front of her on the table. Exit, and Joey will have to finally admit that he does know the old man at [Seagram], a Mr. Danny Marconi. Let’s head over there and have a chat with him now. If you head immediately upstairs, you’ll find he’s not in his usual spot, so head back down to the lobby and ask the nurse about [Danny Marconi]… Oh. He’s “gone”. Well, I guess our only option for asking about Lisa’s link to Danny is Lisa herself. Head back to [Lisa].


Hit the [buzzer], and mention [Danny Marconi] and how [he died today]. Tell her [you’re psychic], but with nothing to back it up, she’ll get annoyed. Um… A little help here, [Joey?] Well, for starters, [he used to be a tailor] and… After some exposition, you’re in. Inside the parlor, Lisa will ask if you’re “one of them”. [Them?] Them who? She’s freaking out, and maybe for good reason. Ask about [her suspicions], tell her [yes], then leave. She wants you to prove the connection between Gavin and the inevitable deaths of everyone she sends over to him, so we need to track down the last two people she sent to him before Jeremy died, Tiffany Walters and Jamie Graham.

Let’s go see [Tiffany] first. Inspect the [buzzers] to learn that Tiffany is in apartment 2. While still in control of Rosa, use a [business card] on [mailbox 2]. Switch to Joey and interact with [mailbox 2]. Using the glow of the card to read the envelope, you learn about [R. Abu] and earn the achievement [Take My Card]. Send Joey into the door on the right. Oh, of course she’s dead. Why did you think she wouldn’t be? Tell her you’re [a friend], but she’s not buying it. Inspect the [papers] on the table, then the [photo] on the shelf. There’s no point in talking to Tiffany since she doesn’t like or trust you, so leave the room. Switch to Rosa and go into your phone. In your notes, combine [R. Abu] with [Rachel] to create [Rachel Abu]. Web search [Rachel Abu] and you’ll get the address to the [Café]. Before you head over there, though, have Rosa inspect the [notice board]. There’s nothing really all that interesting except for a friendly reminder that using the name of a pet as a password is a surefire way of getting hacked, and if you do get hacked, you deserve it… I really just added that last part in, but for real, use your brain! Let’s go to the [Café].


Switch to Joey and blow on the [barista] ([Blowey Mallone]) before switching back to Rosa and asking her if she’s [Rachel?]. Talk about [Tiffany], then consult your notes and discuss [Tiffany Walters], [Gavin] and [STP]. Talk about [Ken] and the [Temp agency] before ending your conversation and going into your notes. Combine [temp agency] with [STP] to gain access to it. Let’s pay [Sterling] a visit. Once inside, switch to Joey and blow on the man behind the desk ([Blowey Mallone]) before interacting with him as Rosa. [Consult your notes] and ask about [Tiffany Walters], [Sterling], and [Ken]. Wow, he’s SO helpful. Go back to [Tiffany] and ask her about [Sterling] twice, [Ken] once, and [Gavin] once, then show yourself out. Go back and bother [Sterling] again. Show him your [press pass], then ask about [Tiffany’s contract]. Yes, yes, I know: it’s a matter of [secrecy] or whatever. Let’s stop pussy-footing around and just [resort to blackmail]. Now you’re speaking a language he can understand. Open your phone and web search [Sharpe Sound], the next location we have to visit.

Inspect the [plaque] on the right, then use your phone to search for [Gal Friday Publishing]. The [note] on the door to the right mentions that the phone linked to our newly-acquired phone number is over at Sharpe Sound, so keep that in mind. Enter [Sharpe Sound]. Ask the man standing at the desk about [Sharpe Sound], then [check your notes]. Ask about [Tiffany Walters], [Ken] and [Sterling]. [Jog his memory] about Tiffany, then discuss [Tiffany and Sterling]. Finally, bring up [the complaint], then [Tiffany and Ken]. Leave him. Go into your phone and call [Gal Friday], then switch to Joey. Send him in and have him check the two [photo]s on the back wall to the left of the door he just entered through. Then, have him blow on Ken ([Blowey Mallone]) before interacting with the [drawers]. Inspect the [paper] then exit. Have Rosa go back in and tell him about [the letter in his desk]. Wow, he’s just like his dad: sweet as sugar until you catch him lying. [Why keep the letter?] if you’re going to file a complaint against her? “Nostalgia”, huh? “Love” sure is weird. [So what happened?] Well, he wants you to believe [she came onto him?], but isn’t he married? Creep. AND, he’s calling her [crazy?] Typical. [So you ended it?], right, Mr. Moral High Ground? [Confirm it’s over], then leave in disgust. We have what we need to send Tiffany off, so head over to her place.


Talk to her about [Ken Sharpe], and don’t forget to mention the trigger word [Turtledove]. Cruel to be kind, right, Joey? Follow her back to [Sharpe Sound]. Switch to Rosa and enter [Sharpe Sound]. Ask about [the band photograph] and [the framed polaroid] before you [confirm it’s over] again. Sit back and watch her little heart crumble to pieces. After the scene, interact with Tiffany with Joey and find out a little more about Gavin and his motives. When you regain control, use Joey’s [tie] on her and send her on. Goodbye, Tiffany. You deserved better.

Joey will suggest visiting Lisa, but forget that. We’re going to check up on [Jamie] next. Send Joey in and have him inspect the [note] on the door. Switch to Rosa and web search [Waterloo]. Interact with the door and enter [1815] into the keypad. Walk in and have Rosa inspect the [poster] and [schedule], then interact with the [laptop]. No password means no entry, sorry. For now, web search Rosa’s old teacher, [Elaine Appleton], then call her. [She remembers you?] For all of the wrong reasons, of course. So, tell us about [Jamie]. [What was Jamie like?] and [how did Jamie die?]. She was [brilliant?], you say? But, what was wrong with her [clothes?] Ah, revealing. Got it. If you mention [the police], Durkin’s name gets dropped, so call him now. Ask him about [Jamie], then head over to the [Café] for a chit-chat.

Chat up Durkin and ask for the [status on Jeremy]. After getting told that it’s no longer your business (jerk), ask about [Jamie Graham]. Whoa, whoa, whoa. She died of an aneurysm, but the police found her in a [dumpster?] What the…? Oh, so the bouncer moved the body. So, it wasn’t [murder?] Ask for the [coroner’s report]; that might be useful later. Go into your notes and ask about [Munray’s]. Exit out of your notes and ask about [Munray’s] again. Ask him whatever you like, then go into your phone and do a web search for [Munray’s]. Let’s go there now.


Eh, can’t really say this place is my kind of scene, and both Rosa and Joey seem to agree. Have Rosa interact with the panel by the [stairs] leading to the VIP lounge, and change the music to [Epileptic Fish] (earning yourself the [Music Lover] achievement). Switch to Joey and have him blow on everyone in the room ([Blowey Mallone]), then send him up the [stairs]. Have him chat up Jamie. [No], sweetheart, you don’t know me, but that could change real soon. Ask her anything, but remember to [ask her to dance]. Insisting [Oh, come on] will help you learn the password for her laptop: her dog’s name, “benji”. Leave now and head back to [Jamie]’s room.

Enter the room as Rosa and interact with the [laptop]. Enter [benji] as the password and read her emails to find out more about her: she’s from the Midwest (Illinois to be exact), not far from Mattoon. Jeremy emailed her, but she was already dead by then. Most important of all, her ex Seb still frequents Munray’s. Maybe he’s there now. Let’s go see. Hm… Is he that blonde [Guy] leaning against the wall near the bar? Probably. Ask him if he’s [Seb?], and after bringing up Jamie, he’ll deny knowing her. Counter this by bringing up [Seb’s email]. Leave him, then go into your notes and combine [coroner’s report] with [Jamie and drugs] to create [Did Seb lie?]. Talk to Seb again and tell him [Jamie was clean]. Why would she lie? I don’t know, Seb; [you tell me]. Answer anything, it doesn’t matter; he’ll leave a broken man regardless. Open your phone and web search the author name Seb mentioned, [Ashbless]. “Anubis at the Gate”, huh? Let’s wrap things up with Jamie. Send Joey back upstairs to speak to her.


[Ask about Jamie] to start things off. First: [her studies]. Tell her you studied [History], [Middle-eastern] to be specific. [Ask about Jamie] again and ask her about [her spare time]. Read any good [books?]; I heard [Ashbless] was a great author. [Anubis at the Gate] was a real page-turner. Finally, ask about [her hometown]. Claim you’re from the [Midwest], in [Illinois]. Say you’re from a little place called [Mattoon] and make a connection that leads to Joey getting action for the first time in almost 50 years (you’ll also earn the achievement [Still Got It]). Head downstairs for another sweet kiss, laugh at Joey’s shit-eating grin, then head back to Jamie’s for some sweet lovin’… I mean, to send her off. Right.

Are… Are we really doing this? Attempting to enter as Rosa has her refusing with a mixture of horror and disgust. (Their discussion about whether or not she’s legal, and if it even matters since she’s dead, is AMAZING.) Send Joey into Jamie’s room and answer however you want for both prompts. Once she realizes the truth, use Joey’s [tie] on her. Bye, Jamie. I’m glad you found some happiness in the end.


Let’s go see Lisa. Hit the [buzzer] and let her know [Jamie is dead]. [Tiffany is dead], too, if that matters any. [Both girls are dead], Lisa, but you’re going to keep denying it, aren’t you? Fine. Tell her about [Gavin and Jamie], and she’ll deny that means anything. Hit the [buzzer] again, enter, and tell her about [Gavin and Tiffany]. Dammit it, Lisa, [someone has to stop it]. See yourself out, then find yourself in a sticky situation. Shit goes south QUICKLY.

You wake up tied to a chair in a broom closet. As Rosa, interact with the door. Say anything, then [why are you doing this?]. She’s just [helping herself]. [Gavin isn’t normal], Lisa. Involving yourself with him won’t end well for you. Talk about [Gavin’s organization], then end the conversation. Switch to Joey, and head out and downstairs. Interact with Gavin and listen in on his conversation. Blow on him ([Blowey Mallone] should be complete now), then blow on the [photo] that’s on the table twice before returning to Rosa. Switch to Rosa and speak to Lisa again. You know [Gavin is going to kill you], right? Tell her anything, it doesn’t matter, then ask if there is [another way out]. Yes, and she’s taken it… without you. Didn’t expect her to help, anyway. Switch to Joey and blow on the [glass jar] on the shelf near the door, shattering it. Take Joey’s [tie] and use it on [Rosa], attaching it to her. [Pull to the right] twice, [pull toward the back wall], then let go. Switch to Rosa and interact with the [broken glass]. Go in your inventory, take the glass and use it on [Rosa]. Free at last, plus you’ve earned the achievement [Unbound]. Leave the room.

Okay, well, not quite free yet. Say anything, it won’t matter. Ask him anything you want, too, then switch to Joey and head downstairs. Head through the door and find out that Lisa didn’t get very far down the fire escape. Talk to her. Ask her anything, but the choice you need is [Photograph]. She decides that, given the situation, it might be best to talk crap about Danny Marconi. [Take that back!], you selfish sow. Danny was an okay guy, and Joey was really important to him. Answer her how you like, but I chose to bring up [and now you send innocent girls to die]. Was it worth it, Lisa? Was it? Head back into the room to the right.


Rosa?! How’d you escape? Well, she didn’t; Gavin let her go after he brainwashed her. And, now, Joey finds himself betrayed and floating alone in an endless void… well, not quite alone. Head to the right and interact with [Madeline?]. It was [inevitable?] that Joey would end up here? Wait a minute, lady, [I wasn’t banished]. Bad things happened, but this is fixable. Also, her ending up like that messed up hag The Countess isn’t [Red’s future]. By the way, Madeline: [about this link]… It’s something that connects Joey and Rosa, right? You mean Joey’s [tie]? Confirm your suspicions by showing it to Madeline. She marvels at how odd it is, and agrees to help you on one condition: take her with you when you leave. It’s your only hope of escaping, so say [yes]. Congratulations on earning the achievement [Back from Beyond].


Back at Lisa’s, you arrive just in time to watch Rosa’s life energy get drained away, with Lisa spectating on the side. How do we go about [stopping him]? Lisa’s not being particularly helpful, so speak to Rosa. Our favorite redhead is being just as difficult, so it’s time to fall back to our tried and true method of straightening people out: cruel to be kind. [Remember Jeremy], Rosa? Reaching out to you as he died and being all successful through his own hard work while you floundered around. [Yeah, good riddance]. [Remember Jamie]? She was just a kid who didn’t know up from down, but how is she any different from you? [You’re nobody], too, Rosa. Prove Joey wrong. Fight it, little puppet. [Remember Penelope]? How Gavin turned her on her own family? What did your worthless family ever do for you? [Not a damn thing]. You got here on your own, Rosa. You don’t need anyone, especially not Gavin. [Remember Tiffany]? She was weak and stupid, but really [you are no better]. If you think you’re better, walk away. Finally reaching Rosa, she summons up the strength to fight back against Gavin, killing him in the process. Right before he pops back into his own body, Lisa decides to be useful, and a rather boring ghost fight begins. Quickly, grab Joey’s [tie] and use it on [Lisa and Gavin].


At the [Doorway to Infinity], Gavin gets his comeuppance and Lisa asks you if it was worth it in the end. Since “Screw you, you self-centered, lazy sow” isn’t a choice, pick whatever you like. I chose to remind her that people are dead because of her; you know, end it on a high note. In the end, Rosa is left angry at herself, her weakness, and the Organization. She vows to find them and deal with them personally, but whether or not she does won’t be addressed until the next game. For completing the game, you’ve earned yourself the [Medium Well Done] achievement. If you played the game with commentary on from the Start menu to the end credits, you’ll receive the achievement [Listen Closely Now].


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