Quickie Review: One Finger Death Punch

Developer: Silver Dollar Games

Genre: casual action clicker


Created by Silver Dollar Games, One Finger Death Punch is a mouse-only casual action clicker that’s simple to learn, but not necessarily easy. With just two buttons, you control a stick-figure fighter as they battle their way through waves of armed and dangerous stick-figure enemies, unleashing powerful combo moves and straight-up destroying anyone and anything in the player’s path (you also take on the hordes with an array of weapons lacking in physical details but not in deadliness). The backgrounds are well-designed and possess a level of detail far more impressive than the simple lines of the player’s character, and the music is fitting for a kung-fu battle-style story. Although the various trailers and the in-game tutorial discourage button-mashing (for practical reasons as much as for the sake of enjoyment), the fair difficulty progression while learning the game (the speed of the game is determined by your own success) and balancing prioritizing which enemies to knock flat means button-mashing in a panic will never become an issue (that, and the game punishes you for the attempt). All in all, for the meager price of $4.99, I highly recommend One Finger Death Punch’s fun, responsive pick-up-and-play gameplay.



  • Levels are colorful, fun and challenging
  • The lack of details of the characters keeps the focus on the gameplay and not on the excessive violence occurring around the player
  • The game rightfully punishes you for wrong moves, so there are consequences for trying to brute-force certain situations; at the same time, the difficulty level is reasonable and keeps the game light and fun


  • Some levels are excessively easy while others punish for simple mistakes (although these are exceptionally rare)
  • Visuals might turn off players more used to higher quality fighting games (another reviewer describes the game as “Mortal Kombat but designed in PowerPoint”)

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