Hey, I’m Lin.

I’m in my early 30’s, female, and “between jobs”. Yeah… Haven’t exactly figured out what my passion is in life, so I’m working on a bunch of things and hoping something will stick.

I love video games (I’ve recently gotten into a bunch of Point-and-Click adventures, and I’m a fan of the game developer Wadjet Eye Games). I primarily play games on Steam and my Nintendo 3DS, so a majority of the visual media I’ll be using will be taken from there. I’m not a competitive player, I’m terrible at FPS and survival horror, and I’ve been accused of being a… casual gamer… Ugh…

Drop me a line if you have any other questions or game suggestions. Check out my Steam page (TheSchadenfrau) and friend me (if you feel like it); you can also check the list of games I own and suggest something from there for me to play (I really have a hard time deciding on my own). You could always e-mail me at if public messages or friending on Steam aren’t your thing.

This site is more of a side project right now, but it might become something more someday.