Weekly Walkthrough: The Blackwell Convergence (Including Achievement Hunter Guide)

Developed by Wadjet Eye Games

Created by Dave Gilbert

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android

Game genre: point-and-click adventure

Theme genre: supernatural, ghosts, and the afterlife

UNMARKED SPOILERS, random commentary, observations, and ACHIEVEMENT HUNTER guide below:

Two quick notes before you begin: (1) The achievement [Convergence Commentary] can only be earned by listening to the commentary from the Start Menu until the end credits. For the sake of enjoying the story, leave it off. If you want to turn it on, check the [Options] menu. If you don’t care about enjoying the story or want to get all of the achievements in one playthrough, turn it on before you start a new game. (2) The achievement [Solo] involves getting through the game without asking Joey for a single hint; that essentially means interacting with him and discussing anything. You don’t have to worry about getting lost, though, since you don’t actually have to ask him for help with me around. ;3

Let’s begin…


The game opens on an empty room. The furniture’s covered in sheets and a light drizzling rain is visible outside of the three windows. If you attempt to enter the room as [Rosa], you’ll find the door locked, so switch over to [Joey] with the [Tab button] and enter the room. At his non-existent ghost feet is a [Shiny object]. Interact with it to blow it over to Rosa; apparently, it’s a paper clip. We give her the nicest of gifts. Switch back to [Rosa] and use the [Paper clip] on the [Door]. Didn’t think it was going to work, huh? O’ ye of little faith. Inspect Joey and learn that this game takes place 6 months after [The Blackwell Legacy]. Inspect the [Covered furniture] to joke about sheet ghosts… Ugh, so awkward. Interact with the [desk drawers], then check your [inventory] at the top of the screen. Inspect the [Newspaper] and get a little call forward to the 4th and 5th games in the series. No ghost in sight, so he might be outside. Interact with the [Sheet] on each window (the one you need in particular is the one in the center). Inspect the [Ghostly hand] (I get the feeling that Rosa’s really getting used to this life). Switch to [Joey] and interact with the [Window].


Once outside, interact with the [Ghost]. He seems stressed; [Get him to relax]. [Consult notes] and ask about [Allen Reiken’s obituary]. Ask about [Allen Reiken]. [Talk about view], [Find silver lining], and [Ask about what happened]. Tough break, man. [Talk about wife], then be a dirty fibber and [Pretend his wife’s inside]. I swear, Joey’s doing this more to mess with Rosa than to actually help the ghost. Rosa will play along with the ruse as long as you want her to, but in this case, we need to help him in the way he needs it most: being cruel to be kind. Once the option to speak to him becomes available, tell him [You were right to leave him]; this will earn you the [Soft Touch] achievement. The poor guy accepts it and starts to walk… uh, float away, but Joey’s not having it. He pep-talks Allen into growing a spine, and Allen turns around and tells you, you red-haired gold-digger, what he really thinks about you. He’s a changed man, and he’s going to start doing everything right. Bounce back even better than before, even; too bad it’s too late. Set him straight and send him off.

After you return to the apartment, you’re about to relax when you get the sneaking suspicion that you’ve forgotten something. Inspect the room elements if you want, but the answer you seek is on the [Calendar]. If you leave now, you’ll have nowhere to go and Joey will sass you about how much a waste of time that was. Save yourself a few seconds and interact with the [Computer]. [Search] for the term [MasterCriminal] and you’ll unlock the [Secret Finder] achievement. Enjoy your bloopers, concept art, and references. Now, [Search] for [Park Gallery]. Before you close the computer, check out Rosa’s website. Is that GeoCities?! Nah, it’s RosaBlackwell.com (don’t bother searching this in real life. My anti-virus protection told me it was riddled with malware). Check her e-mail (b-mail?) for past game references, a glimpse into her (stagnant) writing career, and spam. [Close] the computer then leave. Head to the [Park Gallery].


Interact with [Josie Park] and talk about anything. Leave her and inspect all of the available artwork as both Rosa and Joey (especially the one behind “Nish”). Switch to [Rosa] and interact with [Nishanthi]. [Apologize again], then [Ask about friend]. Huh? [What’s wrong?]. [Ask about story], chit-chat more if you like, then exit the conversation. [SAVE YOUR GAME], then interact with the [Stairs] to leave. Choose to [Stay] to earn the achievement [Lush Life]. When you regain control of Rosa, load your game and choose to [Leave] for [Sober Solidarity]. The scripted dialogue with characters changes slightly depending on whether you stayed or left, so it might be worth it to play a bit farther in the game in either run to see how you’re treated as the lush or the square. For the sake of the rest of this walkthrough (and because I’m too lazy), I’ll be writing as Rosa the Lush.

Um, what? Why’re you at the [Door to Infinity]? Interact with the portal and you’ll be made to endure a lecture from a complete stranger. Don’t care how fancy you look, lady; it’s my life and my liver. Wake up with the mother of all hangovers and regret your life choices. Ugh. Back to work, then. Inspect [Monique’s card] in the inventory, then leave and head to [Cubestar Films]. Once there, switch to [Joey] and inspect [Monique]. Yes, once upon a time, Joey was a man with urges, and apparently, his preference for head-strong, bossy women like Lauren is still prevalent. Switch to [Rosa] and interact with [Monique]: [Ask about her job], [Ask about cat], then [Ask about Ghost story]. Apparently, she’s being haunted by [Frank Lyons]. Open your notes and ask her about everything at least once, then leave and head for [Gothic Bridge].


Switch to [Joey]. Interact with the [Ghost] and ask him if he’s [Frank Lyons?]. Being recognized makes him happy, it seems; he must’ve really longed for that when he was alive… [Ask what he’s doing], [ask about location], [qualify his statement], then [ask about his memory]. Suddenly, he’s really creepy. WTF? [Discuss notes] and ask about [Monique Stahlman] three times, [Frank Lyons: heart attack] once, and [Minetta] twice. [Say goodbye], switch to [Rosa] and go home. Interact with your [Computer] and [Search] [Minetta Tavern], our next destination. Once there, interact with the [Bartender] and ask about [Frank Lyons: heart attack] four times, and the bartender will inform you he’s never seen the guy come in… That’s weird… almost as weird as how Frank was acting in the park. Ask the bartender about [Minetta] once. Our next stop is [Cubestar Films].

Interact with [Monique] and ask her a few things: ask about [Monique Stahlman] once, [Frank Lyons: heart attack] twice, [Park Gallery] once, and [Frank’s apartment] three times. Stingy. Fine. Head for [Gothic Bridge]. Switch to [Joey] and interact with [Frank]. Ask about [Minetta], then [Joe Gould Fund]. Back to the [Minetta Tavern] we go. Ask the bartender about the [Joe Gould Fund]. Suddenly, it’s raining again. Lovely. We get to walk all the way back to [Cubestar Films] in this weather. Well, let’s go.

The weather sucks, so [Ilsa] the cat slinks back inside. Good thing, too, since she’s the one we’re actually here to see. Switch to [Joey] and interact with her. I’m sure he wouldn’t admit it, but I think he’s more of a cat person than a dog person (poor Moti). Quickly switch to [Rosa] and interact with [Ilsa]. If you get the info you need on the first try, you’ll unlock the [Cat Trick] achievement for only having distracted Isla once. Leave and head to [Frank Lyons]’s place.


Interact with his door and you’ll find it locked. And, here you are without a key… or makeshift lock-pick. You’re on, [Joey]. Send him in and have him inspect whatever you like. Inspect the [bowls]… ew. Inspect the [tissues]… EW. Inspect the [papers] on the kitchen table… AH-HA! Leave and have a cutscene pow-wow with Rosa before heading back to the [Gothic Bridge] for the last time. This time around, have [Rosa] talk to [Frank]. [Ask how he knew] you were coming, then try to [Tell him he’s dead]. When he moves the scene along, tell him [You’re not going] and [repeat yourself] for emphasis before shattering his heart and telling him you’re leaving him for [Tom]. Take a bow; the show is over, and you’ve earned the achievement [Leading Lady]. Switch to [Joey] and interact with [Frank]. At the [Door to Infinity], tell him whatever you like (I chose to [Tell him about his fame]), then send him on his way— What? Not a heart attack, but strangulation? But, then why is everyone saying “heart attack”? He leaves without telling you anything helpful (per usual), and the scene switches over to Joey… and the Countess, who’s still nuttier than a fruitcake. Joey’s evasiveness lasts for all of 5 seconds before you wring the truth out of him: he’ll offer you the [long version] or the [short version]. You pick, kiddo; it’s your exposition salad.


Time for more dream-time adventures with the fancy lady. Inspect the [Portrait] and munch on another exposition salad. When you wake up, Joey mentions the [Park Gallery] painting titled [The Dark Lady]. Let’s go have a look at it. If you got white-girl wasted at the party, prepare to be reminded how bad you were. Heh! Anyway, let’s look at that painting… Yep, it’s her. I’d recognize that haggard and crazy living rag mop anywhere. Yeesh, Joey’s madder than a wet cat. Inspect the painting’s elements, then go ask Josie some stuff: [Ask about Countess], [The Dark Lady], and find out about the [Roosevelt Island Lighthouse]. Ask about Claude, then [Investors?]. Open your notes and ask about the [Meltzer Foundation]. Well, we have to find Claude, and he’s probably getting plastered. We only know one bar, so let’s head for [Minetta Tavern].


Claude’s WAY friendlier now that he’s hammered. The magic of liquor! Ask him about [“The Dark Lady”], [More about “The Dark Lady”]… ugh… This is getting us nowhere… Open notes and ask about [Joe Gould Fund]. Joseph Mitchell’s name gets dropped, and Joey’s less than pleased. Ask about [Joseph Mitchell]. Hm… Leave him and head home. Time to do some research… again… Oogle [Meltzer Foundation], then head on over to their office. Walk past the brooding Charlie Meltzer and strike up a conversation with the more sociable Paul Meltzer. Ask him [What do you do here?]. [Give away money?], you say? Fascinating. Open notes and ask about [Park Gallery] once, [Meltzer Foundation] twice, and [Joseph Mitchell] once. Rosa will leave, but you should send Joey in to snoop. [Stay and eavesdrop], wander near the [Strange device], then move away. Remember [Tennis53] for later (don’t worry; I’ll remind you).

At the [Blackwell Residence], inspect the [Meltzer business card], log onto your computer, and open your [E-mail]. If you’re logged in, [Log out]. Type in [PaulM] as the screenname, enter it, then type in [Tennis53] as the password. Voila! You’re a hacker! … Right. Read each e-mail. Hm… Oogle [Artists], huh? Fine. Do so, then shut off the computer. Joey will remind you that you need to talk to Claude at the gallery tonight, so let’s go there.

Speak to [Claude]. He’s… even more drunk than before. Wow. Ask about [The Countess]. You think I’m some kind of uncultured swine, don’t you?! Fine! Let’s play it your way! Pop a beret on your head and ask about [Understanding Art]. When he asks you about the first painting, say [the hard lines in this painting are really provocative]. See? I’m smart!… Hey, wait! Interact with him again, then ask [Does this painting represent darkness in shadow?]. Get back here, Claude! Interact with him AGAIN… For the love of… FINE! [Why is one side so colorful and the other so dark?]. Congrats: you’ve just earned the [Art Medium] achievement. How do you like me now, Claude?!… Uh… Oh, maybe he DOES like me? I made a friend! Before you follow him out, interact with [Nishanthi] and mention Claude. Looks like she ships Rosa and Claude. Heh heh. Ask Nishanthi anything else, ignore Josie (“Times Square Barbie” has nothing important to say), and head for the [Fire exit].


Ask [How he met her], then [Warn him]. This is it, Rosa; you can share a piece of yourself with someone else. Make a connection with someone who isn’t already dead. You can make a new friend, maybe make a new life. Maybe find love- NO!! Aw, crap, he’s dead! Rosa’s feeling a lot of things right now: sadness, fear, anger. Lots of anger. And, determination. We’re going to take care of that old hag, but first: a dream conversation with the fancy lady. It’s making very little sense, but Rosa won’t remember it when she wakes up anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Once you’re up, head to the [Park Gallery] to talk to Josie. She feels terrible about Claude… but not about the money she’ll make off of him. Plastic, airheaded little— nevermind. Ask about [Keeping the gallery open], [Josie’s windfall] and [The money]. Let’s visit Monique at [Cubestar Films] next.

Ask Monique about [Meltzer Foundation] twice and [Frank Lyons: heart attack] once. It changes to [Frank Lyons: choked?], so ask her that. Oh, lovely. Being threatened with legal action seems like something you should get used to, Rosa. Head to [Roosevelt Island] and have [Joey] inspect the [Coffee mug] the man is holding. Head home and Oogle [Gold Tech]. Head back and speak to the [Man]. Ask if he’s [Martin Goldwater]. Open your notes and ask about his son, [John Goldwater – deceased]. Make a note of [Lazarus Technology] for later, and ask him about it now, twice. Back home you go to research [Lazarus Technology]. Interact with the phone on your desk and [Press 1 (General Information)]. Well, well, well. Seems the Meltzer brothers are involved again. Go pay them a visit at their office.

Paul and Rosa exist as complete opposites now: he saw nothing and he’s rambling on, and she saw everything and barely says a word. Ah, well. Ask about [The Park Gallery’s success]. [A man is dead], you ass; even if “business is business”. Fine: the event was horrible and it has nothing to do with Paul or his brother; I’ll concede that point, at least. Open notes and ask about [Lazarus Technology], then [Monique Stahlman]. Close your notes and ask about [Cubestar’s success]. Flatly mention that [Two men are dead]. Denial’s not just a river in Egypt. Go for a hat trick: [Lazarus Technology’s success]. Rosa connects the dots for you, but Paul doesn’t appreciate it. Leave, but don’t bother sending Joey in to snoop. We already have all we need. Head home.

[Log out] of your b-mail and enter [CharlesM] for the screenname. Type in [Scooter], his childhood nickname, and you have access to Charles Meltzer’s e-mail… and, apparently, his private hit list. But, what does this even prove? And, how is this connected to… Uh… Oh, no. Damn you, Charlie Meltzer. With barely any time to get away, the Countess in all of her shaggy, crazy glory appears to “help” you. Joey, equal parts pissed at her and equal parts protective of you, jumps in for a crazy ghost battle, so take the opportunity to exit your apartment and enter the [Trash room] (the middle door in the row of doors across from yours). Once you pop out again, re-enter your apartment. Interact with [Auntie Lauren’s picture]. Once the Countess and Joey are back, use [Auntie’s picture] on the [Countess]. There’s a bright light again… Oh my god, did Rosa DIE? The suspicious dream lady, [Madeline] appears. Apparently, she’s part of the reason why the Countess is… well, the Countess. She asks for your help, and any answer you give her besides [Agree to help her] is kind of a waste of time. Rosa and Madeline instant transfer to who-knows-where, and Joey’s left alone with someone he REALLY can’t stand. Sorry, Joey.


You teleport in front of what appears to be an interdimensional diner. Groovy. Head on in and, whaddya know, it’s another creepy old person and… a slightly less creepy old person. Let’s start with the fine gentleman on the right, Mr. Joseph Ferdinand Gould. Discuss everything at least once until the option [The Oral History] appears. After choosing it, pick [Essays] and steal the paperclip from the top (he won’t miss it). Keep talking to him about anything (including our old pain-in-the-ass friend, the [Deacon]), and leave him once you’ve asked him about a [Cigarette]. The game’s full of Josephs, but my heart only belongs to one… and, he’s neither of the gentlemen in this room. Speak to the gentleman on the left, Joseph Mitchell. Once you’ve introduced himself, he’ll comment ruefully that he figured you’d be a Blackwell. Speaking of “Blackwells”, ask about [Auntie Lauren] before switching the conversation over to [Charles Meltzer] (that cockroach) and the [Murders]. [Breaking the link] is important, too, so ask that. Finally, ask about bumming a [Cigarette] for Joe Gould. Tell him [you can speak to Gould], but he still says no. Understandable. Leave Mitchell for now.


Use the paperclip on the door and you’ve entered a kitchen… chock full of creepy whispering. Inspect the [center oven] twice… Uh… [Are you the Countess?], unsettlingly chatty little light? It confirms that it is, in fact, a part of the Countess, but tells you to bugger off. Fair enough. Joe Gould comes in, so Mitchell is finally free of him. Go ask Mitchell for a cigarette by letting him know [Gould is in another room]. Hallelujah. In his unbridled joy, he hands over an entire [pack of cigarettes]. Score. Leave Mitchell and give Gould the pack of cigs. Ask him for [His cigarette], then use it on the [center oven]. Well, seems it’s time to leave. Say your goodbyes and leave the diner. Rosa and Joey are reunited, but… aw, crabapples, the Countess is free and out for blood. Charlie Meltzer’s blood, to be specific. How… terrible… Oh, FINE. Let’s save the guy who wanted Rosa dead. Head to the [Meltzer Foundation].


Oh, crud… This is not good. Paul’s seen some stuff, and Charlie’s in danger of getting what’s coming to him, so it’s time to head to the roof. Once up there, [SAVE YOUR GAME] in case you mess up. Ready? Good, let’s go! Quickly take the [glowing cigarette] out of your inventory and use it on the [Countess] to save Charlie and earn the achievement [Reluctant Savior] (reluctant is right). Phew… Well, it’s all over now… Except now, she’s angry at Joey. Great. Grab [Joey’s tie], and wait for her to wind up (visually, she’ll hold her right arm back and wind up an attack for a few seconds before attacking Joey; sometimes, she’ll fake you out with a quick swing, so be careful). Once she starts to wind up, use the tie on the [Countess] to lasso her. Immediately switch to [Joey] and interact with the [Countess] to earn the achievement [Wonder Woman]. Ah, nuts. Joey didn’t mean to do that (he sounds so scared for Rosa, too). But, it’s all fine: Rosa’s doing her job per usual, and the embodiment of insanity is sent off without a hitch (FINALLY)… Aw, Joey’s one of those “angry because I’m concerned” types. Rosa’s too cold, wet and tired to deal with him, though, so after heading down to call an ambulance for that jerk Charlie, they head home.


In the end, Rosa decides to make her services available to, well, anyone online who’s willing to believe her. Joey’s skeptical, but it’s clear that something needs to change, and even if change is hard, it’s a part of life. The end theme plays over the credits (it reminds me of a paranormal drama from the late 90’s/early 2000’s), and the list of achievements you’ve earned pop up to greet you: [Medium Well-Done] for finishing the game once, and [Solo] if you didn’t ask Joey for any hints throughout your entire playthrough. If you played with the commentary on from the Start Menu to the very end, you’ll earn the achievement [Convergence Commentary]. Regardless of how you played, there’s a short sequel hook/scene before the game closes.


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